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We are all used to seeing cartoon characters?they are all around us?in comic strips and magazines, in newspapers, on the television, at the movies, on the internet, and even on the packages and wrappers of our food and drinks. So how can you learn to draw cartoons that are cool and funny, and will impress your friends and family? This book is a good place to start. Professional cartoonist Chris Altham will show you how to draw great cartoon characters in easy-to-follow stages, guiding you through simple step-by-step shapes that quickly develop into cute animals, hilarious monsters, and super-human fantasy figures.

This Drawing Kit Includes:

– 1 Step-by-step drawing book
– 1 Artist sketch pad
– 10 Sheets of tracing paper
– 3 Artist-quality pencils
– 1 Fine-tipped black pen
– 1 Pencil sharpener

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8 Yrs, 9 Yrs, 10 Yrs, 11 Yrs, 12 Yrs


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