Transformers Generations 30th: Voyager Class: Sandstorm


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Sandstorm lives for action. His only real fear is boredom. As a result, he takes unnecessary risks, both in combat and out ? risks that can sometimes threaten the success of his mission. He lives fast, loud, and dangerously. While his traits make him fun to hang out with most of the time, his fellow Autobots are getting a little sick of his habit of giving away his position to the Decepticons just so he has the opportunity to enjoy a fight. Get a triple changer for your Transformers adventures with this 3-in-1 Sandstorm figure! This Autobot warrior figure converts from dangerous robot mode to VTOL aircraft mode, where he can launch his assaults from above on his Decepticon enemies. But when the battle calls for it, he can change to dune buggy mode! He’s a 3-way menace, so keep converting him from one mode to another so he can handle whatever his enemies dish out! Pictures are stock and are not of actual item. Box has shelf wear.


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