Transformers Generations Fall of Cybertron: Series 1: Soundblaster


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Restored to a fully functioning state by the loyalty of his minions, and the arcane science of an alien world, Soundwave takes a new name to reflect his new lease on life. No longer content to simply manage electronic warfare for the Decepticons, he charges into battle against the Autobots, using devastating sonic attacks to disable and disorient his enemies, so that his minions can finish them off. This dynamic duo of Transformers figures will be your fiercest Decepticon villains yet. Your SoundBlaster figure converts from dangerous robot mode to communications truck mode so he can launch his sonic attacks. At his side is the sneaky Buzzsaw figure, who ejects from data disc mode at the touch of a button to auto-convert to robot mode. Together they?ll make double trouble for the Autobots, and the outcome of the battle is all up to you.? Pictures are stock and are not of actual item. Box has shelf wear.


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