Fairy Floral Bloom


The soft baby doll for sweet dreams. Reassuring vinyl face. Comforting vanilla fragrance. 12 inches. Ages birth and up.

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What I really like when I go to bed is when my parents tell me a story. With my Fairy Floral Bloom soft baby doll, they make up lots of adventures. I imagine her full of magic and make her fly through the air. Her size (12 inches) is perfectly designed for my small hands, so I can grasp her easily and make her whirl in my dreams. I cuddle my Fairy Floral Bloom, she’s so soft! The delicate vanilla fragrance of her sweet, realistic face gently cocoons me. I fall asleep gently, looking forward to our next stories. My Fairy Floral Bloom and I are inseparable because even if I leave it somewhere, it can be returned to me thanks to the sewn-in label with space for my name or my parents’ telephone number. Machine washable, delicate cycle. Ages birth and up.

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