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The age of the dinosaurs is back?this time safely behind glass! The public can?t wait to get a glimpse, and it?s your job to satisfy their curiosity by building the best dino zoo. You have three rounds to draft the most exciting attractions and slide them into place in this frantic, real-time puzzle game. Choose wisely, build quickly, and wow your guests. May the best zoo win!


Fill your zoo with a variety of crowd-pleasing features: wow your visitors with towering dinosaur enclosures, excite them with prehistoric attractions and let them travel in style on a network of monorails. Customize your zoo however you like. Create an action-packed zoo filled with dinos or a pleasant garden of dinosaur-shaped topiaries. Then when you?re ready for more, add in advanced features like virtual reality simulators and the mighty T-Rex.


After drafting your favorite features, you will have to organize them in your zoo?but things won?t always go as planned! Race against time by frantically sliding the cards around your zoo to match up features. Complete dinosaur enclosures, connect monorails and maintain your attractions to score points. The zoo with the best layout wins!

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Z-Man Games


8 Yrs, 9 Yrs, 10 Yrs, 11 Yrs, 12 Yrs, 13 yrs, 13 to Adult


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