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Caution ? contents may blow peoples? minds! This set will show you how to pull off 25 popular card tricks even if you have no card skills or magic powers.

This 25 Incredible Card Tricks magic set features a wide range of popular card tricks. Learn the basic skills and sleight of hand behind all classic card tricks, then use them to astound your friends and family!

All of our tricks are hand-picked for minimal effort and maximum impact, so you won?t be practicing for hours to blow your first mind! Simply follow our step by step guide to perform professional magic in minutes.

Some of the tricks inside include:

  • Amazing Colour Changing Kings to Aces
  • Mysterious Mind Power
  • Miraculous Card Case

Our last warning: Buy this set for an aspiring young magician aged 8 or over and you might end up keeping it yourself!



Suitable for:?8+years

In the box:?Cards, card case and instructions

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