Marvin?s Mind-Blowing Magic ? 25 Miraculous Mind-Reading Tricks


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Learn the secret to 25 astounding mind-reading stunts with this unique collection from the mind of Marvin himself. You won?t have to be a mind-reader to know what your crowd thinks after you?ve astonished them with this powerful magic!

There are few more impressive party tricks than mind-reading and with this introductory set from Marvin?s Magic, anyone aged 8 or above could be reading your mind in minutes!

The box contains a range of mind-blowing tricks including:

  • The Incredible Haunted Key
  • Impossible 6th Sense
  • Colour Block Prediction
  • Hypnotic Choice
  • and much more!

From Marvin?s Mind Blowing Magic series, this unique combination of fun props and easy to follow instructions gives everyone the opportunity to learn and perform professional magic.


Suitable for:?8+years

In the box:?Props and instructions

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