Mini Cinnamon Bun (7″)


Mini Cinnamon Bun (7″), by Squishable

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Oh little Cinnamon Bun, one whiff of that sweet spice and I feel like I’m snuggled up in front of a fire listening to non-denominational holiday songs! We take the Cinnamon Bun’s pastry perfection for granted, but think of the spicy alternatives! Paprika Buns? Nahhh. Mustard Buns? Hmmm. Garlic Pepper Buns? Cilantro Buns? Nutmeg Buns?…well that actually sounds delicious, but no! Thanks to long hours of experimentation, culinary scientists in kitchens of yore finally discovered cinnamon, that most friendly of all spices and the rest is history. Thank you, intrepid innovators, of food science!


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