Zoo Vet with Medical Cart


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On the car is a removable transport box for young animals, an ultrasonic device with a removable ultrasound head as well as many accessories for feeding the animals. Incl. baby lion.

The health of the animals in the zoo is taken care of by the caring veterinarian. Today the examination of a small lion is on the agenda. In the morning the doctor will pick up the cub with his caddy and bring it to the examination in the transport box. The little lion is thoroughly examined with the ultrasound machine. Fortunately, nothing serious can be detected. Thanks to his extensive equipment the vet is well prepared for all situations and operations. The playset contains a PLAYMOBIL figure, a baby lion, a baby monkey, a caddy with transport box and ultrasonic device, bandages, neck brace, surgical instruments, drinking bottle, and many other extras. All young and small animals of the zoo world can be transported in the transport box.
Playset includes: Figures: 1 man Animals: 1 baby lion, 1 baby spider monkey Accessories: 1 caddy vehicle, 1 animal box, 1 carrying box for vet’s lisles, 1 anesthesia blowpipe, 1 pocket torch, 1 set of vet’s cutlery, 2 neck ruffs, 1 thermos flask, 1 cup, 8 bandages, 1 ultrasound unit consisting of a base cabinet, laptop and handset, 1 baby drinking bottle, 1 grass bundle, 1 hay bundle, 1 stethoscope, 1 diver’s watch, 1 peaked cap
Recommended for ages 4 and up.
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