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You never know when you will need a little friend so it is best to keep a Small Plush Harbor Seal Lil’ Cuddlekins by Wild Republic nearby at all times! With the small stature of this stuffed harbor seal that is really easy to do. It will fit right in your pocket unless your pockets are full of other things. Like, if you have a lizard stuffed in there or maybe a bunch of lollipops. You could probably keep this small harbor seal stuffed animal in your pocket with a bunch of lollipops but we really don’t recommend it. Too sticky! In fact, keep your lollipops somewhere else altogether. As for your lizard, that is between you and the reptile. Hopefully, you have two pockets. Measuring about five inches long, the Small Plush Harbor Seal Lil’ Cuddlekins by Wild Republic has realistic coloring and is super soft. You will want to make room for this little plush pal, which won’t be hard since it is so delightfully small. Small enough that you can carry around several Lil’ Cuddlekins at once. They are available in all sorts of different animals so you can pick all of your favorites.

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