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Early Years from DJECO, magically attractive toys for little learners. Designed to inspire, enthrall, captivate, and engage by bringing a fresh perspective to timeless play. From simple shakers and rattles and wooden puzzles to blocks, towers, and pull toys, each is a skill-based design to help infants and toddlers grow, develop, and learn through play. DJECO toys engage young minds, foster creativity, and set imaginations free. Classic, timeless, open-ended and limitless, and all in a day?s play. Beginning in France in 1954, DJECO creates award-winning, timeless children?s products dedicated to quality, value, and child development. With a philosophy of creativity, boldness, and passion, our products are recognized as being as beautiful as they are entertaining. We believe that play is essential to a child?s intellectual growth; awakening curiosity, enriching boundless imagination, and celebrating their inner brilliance. DJECO toys engage, energize, and entertain. Originally focused on toys, games, and puzzles, they?ve expanded into crafts and home decor sets designed with artistry, inspiration, and a unique, hands-on aesthetic. Creating a place where kids can keep their hands in the paint, but their imaginations in the stars. We team with hundreds of internationally renowned artists who share our vision of promoting artistic discovery and freedom of imagination through play. Made from the highest quality materials with exacting and meticulous attention to detail, play value, and artistry, DJECO products are revolutionizing the toy box. Engaging illustrations draw the child in, exceptional play enthralls, and the experience enhances a sense of wonder and delight. All DJECO products are child safe and completely non-toxic, meeting, and exceeding all US and European testing standards.

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