Decimal Destinations


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Students answer 18-24 decimal problems per exercise and then use their answers and color-coded clues to color in squares in a 9×9 square grid. The tenths place tells which vertical column to use and the hundredths place tells which horizontal row to use so you know which square to color. Names of various animals are revealed once the squares are all colored in.


Presenting decimal activities that top out the fun factor! Students find each sum, rewriting the problem in the vertical format if desired. They then take one answer at a time ? the tenths place tells which horizontal number to use, and the hundredths place tells which vertical number to use. Where the row and column intersect, fill in the square with the given color. Great for teaching decimals and basic math skills! After students have solved all the exercises, the answers provide color-coded clues for revealing the secret name of an animal hidden in the coordinate grid. A unique and fresh approach to decimal practice. Great for students who enjoy visual challenges with direct feedback.




8 Yrs, 9 Yrs, 10 Yrs, 11 Yrs, 12 Yrs


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