Italic Handwriting Series Getty & Dubay Book G Basic & Cursive


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6th grade.
The final book in the Series contains basic and cursive writing practice to acquaint the student with the history of writing. Content includes writing materials such as papyrus, parchment, paper, and pens as well as eight scripts developed from the Roman Era to the 17th century. Cursive capital practice shows the historical development of each letter. History of numerals. Part 3: edged pen writing. Illustrated. Letter height 9, 5, & 4 mm. 64 pages. (Fourth Edition ISBN 978-0-9827762-1-6 | ISBN 978-1-7334352-0-8).

No special tools are required for this book ? just your favorite pen or pencil.

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6 Yrs, 7 Yrs


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